Tickety tockety

Well sometime in the not too distant future we’ll be heading up the hill on our next foray. It may well be our summit attempt but I’m afraid I won’t be able to divulge dates to you just yet.

Abi (our illustrious trip doctor) will be able to update Twitter and FBook and in turn J’thong (our illustrious UK comms man) will be able to keep the Blog updated.

We have one piece of unfortunate news – Chris had to leave the expedition early and is now back in the UK. I won’t go in to the medical details but suffice to say he is fine – he just had an episode that we felt warranted further investigation in Kathmandu and returning to altitude was not an option. He was a very strong climber and a valued member of the team and it has been very sad that he has had to depart. We’d have all put money on him summiting.

It’s just as well that we have had a few rest days as the longevity of the trip, and the time spent at altitude, has had it’s impact with virtually everyone being ill or run down in one way or another. Thanks to Abi, and her extensive medical knowledge, we have managed to get everyone back to pretty much full strength, albeit that some of the team are now rattling with the number of pills they are taking.

So … as I said it may well go quiet from these here parts for a few days so please be patient and don’t fret.

Exciting times!

Wish us luck….

Tim & Co

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