Everest Expedition via the South Col Route

Testimonials from various Everest expeditions

Of course I would tell you that you are going to have a great time and that I provide a very high level of service with a great deal of attention to detail. But for honest, objective feedback, you have to hear it from previous clients. These are people who, like yourself, wanted to make sure that they were signing up for not only a great experience but that they were joining a top class expedition. They are discerning people, from a variety of backgrounds, who all showed due diligence when investigating which trip offered not only value for money but also a high level of service with an excellent approach to safety and logistics. And they all agree on one thing…

These are all from astute clients who, like you, had to weigh up the pros and cons of going with this company or that individual, or deciding about this budget versus that, or South versus North.

Without a doubt you can rest assured that I provide a top level of service and the attention to detail, particulary with regard to safety and logistics is paramount. Remember to compare apples with apples when comparing what is and isn’t included. For instance it would be pointless comparing a cheap expedition on the North side with an expensive one on the South.

Once you have decided which side you are going to be on (and if you really want to summit and come back with all your digits, and not have to go back again for a 2nd attempt, then you have to go South – it’s not only just a much better place to be but, more importantly, the chances of success are so much better) then please make sure that you look carefully at the inclusions and exclusions.

You’ll undoubtedly come across ‘cheap’ deals at US$35,000 to US$38,000 – but that will possibly not include your oxygen or Climbing Sherpa support! That is not a cheap deal – it is a con.

For US$45,500 you are getting all the inclusions (including your meals in KTM), as well as top quality Climbing Sherpa support, excellent weather forecasting, a plentiful supply (and extra access if necessary) to lots of oxygen, as well as some of the best logistics on the hill.

You are also getting one of the best acclimatisation schedules, excellent medical care and you will be treated as a valued expedition member. With me you are not just another client. You’ll be included in a lot of the passage of information and have ownership of the trip.

So please, have a look at the testimonials again and really read what these people are saying, which is ‘Go with Tim Mosedale.’

If that’s not enough then have a look at the Ama Dablam feedback as well.