Month: July 2011


If you are thinking of coming along on an expedition of course I would tell you to come with me and that it will be safe, well executed, great fun and an amazing experience. But really you need to hear it from a third party.

So … I have just received the most amazing feedback from Dr Abi who was on the recent Everest expedition. She came along for the 3 week acclimatisation trek and stayed with us for a further 4 weeks as our Everest Base Camp doctor:-

‘I have known Tim for many years and had the privilege of working with him on a couple of expeditions.

I cannot recommend him highly enough in all aspects. He is a highly professional mountaineer and guide in addition to being a very approachable, energetic and personable fellow. He undertakes the organisation and planning of an expedition with the utmost diligence and meticulousness. This excellent preparation makes for a smooth running, well balanced, flexible trip that ensures safety is paramount, both from a mountaineering and medical perspective.

The medical kits on his trips are second to none, and Tim has a broad lay understanding of how to manage acclimatisation and minor medical problems. In this sense, he really stands head and shoulders above other ‘non medical’ guides.

Tim has a wonderful ability to enthuse and encourage team members even when the task at hand is tough. He provides a highly professional and supportive service throughout a trip tailored to each individual’s needs as the expedition evolves, and for the team as a whole.

I have had the opportunity to see how other larger commercial teams function on mountaineering expeditions and Tim’s professionalism, meticulous organisation and enthusiastic support of individual team members is above and beyond any other company out there by far.

Added to which, even though you will be undertaking a serious expedition, you know you will also have an incredibly enjoyable experience. Tim goes that extra mile to ensure that when you have ‘down time’ to relax at base camp, it’s made as enjoyable and entertaining as possible.

Personally, I would not go on an expedition with anyone else.’

So there you have it – praise indeed. Have a look at my Ama Dablam and Everest expedition pages for further testimonials and information.

Why look further?

Western Cwm pictures

Just managed to get round to uploading some more pictures for your pleasure and entertainment. These are in and around The Western Cwm.

Other than that it’s been a pretty busy week. Out Tues and Weds with a lad who’s only been climbing a short while. We managed to rattle off Little Chamonix (VDiff), 2 routes on Brown Slabs (around MS), CDM (VS) and Fisher’s Folly (VS) and then the following day Troutdale Pinnacle Direct (VS), Brown Crag Wall (MVS), Brown Slabs Crack (VS) and Creeping Jesus (HVS). All in all a fine effort.

Got a couple of runs in this week and a daddy day as well (aaah). Also a few more Ama Dablam enquiries so that’s starting to get pretty full now.

The B&B is now chocker for the next few weeks and I have a couple of meetings lined up with folk for Everest so pretty excited about that. Also putting the finishing touches to my winter lecture dates – I’ll let you know as soon as anything is in the diary.


Have managed to get round to adding some more photos from the recent Everest expedition. Hope that you enjoy them.

Another 2 bookings taken for Ama Dablam! It’s going to be another busy year as there are some people trekking in before us to meet at Base Camp when we arrive and get straight on to the hill. Then there is the main group that I’ll be looking after for the full duration – and some more folk arriving right at the end as the main group are vacating the hill.

Then there are the folk doing Island Peak as well. It’s getting complicated.

Off for a run shortly over Blencathra. Been a pissy day but it’s nice now so looking forward to that.


Organising a trip to see a client in London and the train tickets are £38 for 2nd class or £29 1st class. Now let me think about that one for a few minutes.

Ama Dablam – limited space available

I’m not quite sure what is so special about Monday 4th July (apart from in the USA of course) but for some reason I received an unprecedented 5 enquiries about this year’s expedition to Ama Dablam. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but I’m just surprised it was 5 all on the one day rather than being spread through the week.

A couple of them are for the regular KTM to KTM trip but the rest are for bespoke itineraries taking in a bit of trekking initially and then meeting at Base Camp so I’m cracking on with those schedules today. There’s now only a few places left so if you are thinking of coming along then please get in touch sooner rather than later.

This is on top of the 3 enquiries I’ve had about Everest 2012 just last week so at this rate it looks like it’s going to be over subscribed. There are also folk interested in Everest 2013 and ’14!

Helped out on a Bob Graham leg 5 a couple of weeks ago – a great family event with loads of kids involved from Littletown back to Keswick. But commiserations to the friend of Roel and Kerry (Ama 2009) who completed in 24 hours and 8 minutes.

The B&B is looking pretty busy for July and August with some weeks having limited or no availability. Our housekeeper Suzanna is doing a sterling job and maintains the highest standards, as you would expect from a 4* establishment.

As ever I’ve had the usual calls selling advertising in far away counties, or buying top places on the interweb, so I’ve added a couple of links on to the Elm Tree Lodge home page for advertisers and webmasters to click. Perhaps when they read that we are already on Page 1 or high on Page 2 of Google, and that over 60% of our enquiries are from search engines, of which 50% are our organic listing on Google, they will leave us alone. We’ll see.