Everest photos No2

Okey dokey, whilst I’m on a roll and have 5 mins to spare here’s the 2nd of my expedition photos that I’d like to think says more than the picture shows.
I know that on the face of it it looks like a bunch of people sitting in a tent with boxes of chocolates (and indeed I am suitably chuffed that I managed to get said boxes from the UK all the way out to Everest Base Camp without them being completely trashed).
This was the day after we had arrived at EBC and it was Easter Sunday and, well, like someone said to me last week, you can’t buy smiles like that.
This is a group of people who look to me like they are not only pleased to have received that little bit extra, but also they look like they are genuinely enjoying the environment and pleased to be there.
Enjoying a tiny bit of luxury at Everest Base Camp
I can categorically say that no one else at Everest Base Camp was enjoying Hello Kitty and Toy Story selection boxes.
I wonder what I’ll be taking along next year?

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